Elm was designed for many different preferences and lifestyles.

There are garden apartments with generous courtyards that beckon you into the sun and fresh air. Above, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments are inspired either by the traditional villa, or by more contemporary urban design. Three floors up penthouses with huge expanses of glass let residents take in the full sweep of the northern slopes and the harbour beyond, from either their living area or outdoor terrace.

How many Bedrooms?

Master bedrooms are set away from the living space, allowing Elm's residents to enjoy peace and quiet, and time for themselves. Flexible second and third bedrooms welcome friends and family, with no compromise to resident's own comfort.

Villa or Urban?

Some apartments will remind you of a traditional villa, with bedrooms off a hallway. This distances the bedrooms from the living area, and also creates a gallery for paintings and photographs. For many people, this traditional luxury is what defines a home. Other apartments favour a more urban style. This gives quicker access to the living area from the entrance lobby. There is still good separation, and the kitchen, dining and living spaces retain their privacy.