The Elm Team

Mike and Martin brought together a strong team to execute Elm, most of whom were involved in the highly successful Outlook, Mission Bay.


From the team who brought Outlook to Mission Bay

— Mike Sullivan and Martin Cooper

Many of the aspects that elevated Elm, in terms of design and build quality, can also be seen at the team's other developments. Only three kilometres away stands Outlook, in Kepa Road, an exceptional success story for the team of Mike Sullivan and Martin Cooper. Finished on schedule, Outlook is now a thriving community.

This partnership of Countrywide Residences, led by Mike, and Coopers, led by Martin, remains passionate about creating apartments where every aspect of the design is about enhancing the living experience.

This is more than just fanatical attention to detail. It’s about imagination, innovation and paradigm shift, through fully understanding the lives of the people who now call Elm home.


Once again, developer, architect, builder and project manager have been involved from the very beginning, starting with the purchase of the land. All have had input into the design decisions, taking considerable care to view Elm through the eyes of those who now live here.

Clearwater Construction

Clearwater Construction was established in 1984 and has a strong track record in large scale residential, commercial and industrial projects. With 35 years’ experience, the company is recognised for its high level of technical expertise in steel construction, originating from its roots in engineering and civil infrastructure. Clearwater Construction works mainly in Auckland and Christchurch, with 123 Cashel Street being its most recent project in Christchurch, while Outlook is its latest in Auckland.

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Cooper and Associates

Established in 2013, Cooper and Associates have a strong record in delivering residential and commercial projects, among them St Marks and Outlook. Offering expertise across the entire development spectrum, the team ensures the project delivery honours the promises made to purchasers. Cooper and Associates pay special attention to the customer experience and facilitate the
purchaser’s journey from start to finish.

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+Map Architects

Based in Christchurch +MAP has been a long-time partner of the developers. Noted for their thoughtful and measured approach to designing high-end residences, +MAP have the rare ability to capture the intimate feel of traditional homes in a multi-storey development. This is a true art they have mastered, as can be seen in the design of Elm.

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Lukas Design

Gretl Lukas is a well known figure in New Zealand interior design, winning awards and featuring regularly in the design media.
For twenty years Lukas Design has been a leader in bespoke interiors that combine longstanding principles with a keen sense of the ’now’. Noted for their use of New Zealand materials, Gretl and her team source locally whenever possible, and always use the best local craftspeople. Lukas Design created the interiors for Outlook, which continue to draw praise from residents.

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