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Building upon the shared history of the area

Building upon the shared history of the area

Many who will call Elm home are moving locally and so will continue to be part of the area’s rich story. Remuera is a suburb steeped in history.

Within a stone’s throw of Elm is Saint Aidan’s Anglican Church, which was completed in 1905. The originally tiny church was built by eastern parishioners to save trudging to St Mark’s each Sunday. It has been enlarged extensively since as its community has grown around it, but its lychgate can still be seen on the corner of Ascot Ave and Remuera Road.

Historical photo of St Aidans

The lychgate was funded by Mr H.W. Hudson and his daughter in memory of their son and brother and a brass plate on the roof beam is inscribed; ‘In memory of Evan Gibb Hudson Lieut. N.Z.E.F. and of “those others” who gave their lives in the great war for civilisation 1914-1918, “Their names liveth for evermore”’. The lych gate and nearby World War One memorial cross were both designed by K.O. Atkinson Abbott.

Lynch Gate placed outside of St Aidans

On the direct opposite corner still stands a set of original gates to the entrance of the category 2 listed historical home, Elmstone. The grand home was built for businessman V J Larner, and its castle-like upper level can just be glimpsed above and between the houses. The originally palatial grounds were subdivided in 1955 into at least 18 separate lots including the piece of land where Elm now sits.

Historical Elmstone House

It is clear that Elm stands in good company with a rich past, and we are pleased to be contributing to Remuera's future. We are delighted to see the contemporary design taking shape as Elm sits proudly and comfortably on the northern slopes.