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Pleasing Progress at Elm

Pleasing Progress at Elm

As the weather turns cooler, things are heating up at Elm and the team have been pleased with the progress since Easter.

Planning is in full swing as we look toward the settlement process happening later this year. Making this notoriously busy time as smooth as possible for our new owners is important to us. It's all part of the experience.

The process involves giving purchasers advance notice of things they might want to consider, such as organising utilities and window furnishings. It also means making sure they’re kept up to date with project milestones along the way. Communication is key!

From a construction perspective, the building reached its full height recently and the crane has been removed to make way for the completion of some other building elements. The team is now nearing a fully enclosed building which means attention will turn more towards the interiors.

We are also thrilled to see progress on the outdoor pavilion which we know will be a popular meeting place for residents. The concrete slab has gone in and the preparatory landscaping work is being undertaken.

BBQ Pavilion
BBQ Pavilion taking shape at Elm Remuera

Once fully complete, the pavilion will include the amenities you would expect, plus some you might not. It will be an elegant, multi-functional structure with a well-equipped kitchen including a built-in oven and refrigerator. At the other end will be a comfortable seating area which will offer the ability to invite some watch a match, or enjoy a sports race on the flat-screen TV. Sitting slightly away from the nine-metre heated pool, the pavilion has the potential to be used for private dinner parties or casual get togethers with friends.

A render image of the BBQ Pavilion and surrounding gardens and lap pool

Stepping out of the pavilion, it's exciting to envisage the surrounding private garden with its natives, exotic trees and shrubs that will grace the space.

As many of the modern and sophisticated design features of Elm are now taking shape, we're able to see the view not just down the slopes to the water, but also back up to this beautiful and elegant building some will be fortunate enough to call home. And what a view it is!